ADI Craft Spirits Conference: Louisville, Kentucky


The American Distilling Institute 2015 Craft Spirits Conference and Vendor Expo is located in Louisville, Kentucky this year from March 30th to April 2nd. This annual conference will highlight the craft distillation process, with sessions covering a variety of topics, ranging from fermentation to branding your product.

Duncan will be speaking as to why you should make craft spirits from scratch. Missing from the recent debate about rectifying and distilling is clarity about why this difference matters. Arguing about labeling and terms distracts from real issues that need to be seen in the broader context of agriculture and food systems. Wendell Berry’s example of agribusiness lobbying for sanitary and other legislation that effectively put 1000 small Kentucky dairy farmers out of business in the span of one year, sends a chilling message. Make no mistake; industrial neutral grain spirits is the long arm of agribusiness reaching into our backdoor. Duncan’s session will examine justifications and strategies for protecting craft distilling from appropriation through rectified spirits.

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