The Company

The essence of rustic Vermont

Dunc’s Mill is New England’s premiere artisanal rum company and Vermont’s oldest continually operating distillery. Located in Barnet, adjacent to St. Johnsbury, the Mill is nestled deep within hundreds of acres of maple, cedars and pines in Vermont’s stunning Northeast Kingdom.

In 1998, a downburst – Vermont’s version of a tornado – laid down scores of century-old hemlocks. A neighbor called with the news, and Duncan (working at the time in Singapore) flew back to survey the damage. With all the fallen trees, along with the beautiful sugar maples left standing, an idea was born. From that, the first batch of our maple spirits was distilled – from scratch and by hand.

Still today, every batch of our rums are handcrafted from start to finish by our founder and Master Distiller, Duncan Holaday, using custom-built stripping and fractionating stills. Dunc’s Mill is dedicated to creating artisanal spirits of the highest quality; all of our products are handmade, organic, and made entirely from scratch using only the finest ingredients.