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Perfection from scratch

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Dunc's Mill Rum - Handcrafted in Vermont

Our Heritage

Years ago, New England was as famous for its rum as for its autumn leaves. At Dunc’s Mill, we breathe new life into this tradition just the way the rumrunners and farmer-distillers did in the 1800s – by distilling small batches entirely from scratch. Our rum is our heritage and prize – take a sip and see why.

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A pioneer in American Micro-distilling

For more than a decade, Master Distiller Duncan Holaday has been at the forefront of the industry. Designer, teacher, and artisan, Duncan’s unrivalled skill and passion have transformed the art of American micro-distilling.

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rum-drinks-snifter Vermont's favorite rum

How do you take your Dunc's?
Rocks, cola, straight or spiced – there’s no wrong way to enjoy Dunc’s Mill. How do you take yours?